Monument, Flag, Flower Regulations

Monument Regulations

Monuments may be placed on any lot. An improvement permit is required before setting any marker or monument. Monuments should not be more than 6 feet in height.

Flag Regulations

Flag poles are permitted but the flag pole needs to be at the head of the grave site. The City of Athens Cemetery Department will remove flags and properly dispose of them, when they are so worn that they are no longer fit to serve as a symbol of our country. The City of Athens will not replace any worn flags that it removes.

Flower Regulations

Flower, Trees, Shrubs, & Ornaments

  • Placement of flowers is acceptable year round on monuments,
  • Fresh flower removal should take place 7 days following a funeral. The removal of silk flowers should take place within 21 days following a funeral unless placed as specified.
  • The cemetery staff will remove flowers as stated. Unless, removed ahead of time by family.
  • Shrubbery, trees, or any ornament require approval by the Department Head of the Cemetery Department. City Cemetery personnel shall remove any trees, shrubs, or ornament that becomes detrimental to the adjacent lots or prevent opening of a grave.
  • The City of Athens does not assume any liability for any monument, flowers, shrubbery, ornaments, etc. in any City owned cemetery.