Engineering & Community Development

Responsibilities & Functions

The City of Athens Engineering Services and Community Development Department's (ES&CD) primary function is the oversight of the orderly and systematic development of the City and formulation of the Comprehensive Plan. This plan consists of policies, standards and programs which deal primarily with physical aspects of the city's growth. In administering the Land Subdivision Regulations of the City, the department works with landowners, developers, engineers and other agencies in the development of new residential, commercial or industrial subdivisions. The goal is to ensure that specific standards are followed for new streets, building lot sizes and public improvements (sewers, water lines, drainage, etc.).

Zoning Regulations

Enforcement of Zoning Regulations according to comprehensive City Zoning Ordinance are to ensure property value protection, control setbacks from property lines, establish flood control measures, provide adequate parking in commercial areas and numerous other criteria to promote harmony in a growing community. An appeal process is provided through the Zoning Board of Adjustments and Appeals.

Site Plans for the proposed construction of apartments, townhouses, shopping centers, commercial and industrial developments are reviewed by the Planning staff, and presented to the Athens Planning Commission for approval. ES&CD, in coordination with other departments and agencies, strives to improve the quality of life in Athens through design standards, code and regulation enforcement and community interaction.