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Contact City Hall for clarification and in some cases form submission:
City Hall
Engineering Services and Community Development
200 Hobbs Street W
Athens, AL 35611

Questions: 256-233-2224. The fax number is 256-262-1405.
Document Description
Board of Zoning Adjustment Application (PDF)
Application for requesting administrative appeals, special exception uses, variances, or zoning map interpretation.
Conditional Use Application (PDF)
Conditional Uses are uses that would not be appropriate generally or without restriction throughout the applicable district, but if controlled may be permissible.
Home Occupation Application (PDF) Application to operate a home based business or a business that the address of record is from a home.
Permanent Sign Application (PDF)
Application for any signs that will remain on a site more than 21 days.
Site Plan Review Process and Application (PDF) The site plan review process only applies to construction for commercial, non-residential, and apartments. Site plans are needed for new construction, additions made to buildings, and site improvements to sites that do not meet current regulations.
Subdivision Application (PDF) Application for subdividing property, which is takes one piece of property and divides it into more than one piece of property. This also includes processes that would result in moving property lines (such as Consolidation, Certificate to Subdivide, and Certificate to Consolidate).
Temporary Sign Application (PDF)
Applications for signs and banners that will be erected for no more than 21 days. These include signs advertising auctions, special events, and sales.
Zoning Change Application (PDF) Application for the purpose of annexation or rezoning property.

 Subdivsion Acceptance Form  Application for the purpose of accepting subdivisions into the the City of Athens maintenance program and to obtain the City Engineer's signature for Final Plat. NOTE: All Plats shall be recorded within 90 days of planning commission approval, plats that are not recorded are null and void.