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These files need GIS software to be able to view them. Software such as Google Earth, QGISArcGIS Explorer Desktop can be used to view shapefile data.

Data Target

This is data for the City of Athens and Limestone County.

We believe this data to be accurate, but we assume no responsibility of the accuracy. Please report any inaccuracies that you find in the data.


Interactive Web GIS and PDF maps are located on our maps page.

Downloadable Layers

  • Athens City Limits (polygons)- 2021-02-23 - Shapefile (ZIP)
    • Description: The area covered by Athens City Limits
    • As of 2021-02-23, the Athens City Limits contains 41.191 square miles of area.
  • Athens Zoning Districts (polygons)- 8/27/2013 - Shapefile (ZIP)
    • Description: Zoning Districts for areas within Athens City limits governing the Zoning Ordinance
  • Limestone County March 2013 Aerial Photography
    • 6 inch - color
    • Public Domain
    • Cut into tiles by section (approximately 1 square mile)
    • Use a point to select location that you'd like. The dataset this is "Aerial Imagery" > "High Resolution Orthoimagery"
    • Other datasets are also available for download on this website
  • Limestone County Public Land Survey System Grid - Shapefile (ZIP)
    • Description: Section, Township, and Range polygons of all of Limestone County
  • Limestone County FEMA Flood Data - Last updated 2018-08-15 with the adoption of new FEMA flood maps.

Data Layers Available for Purchase

Layers must be purchased by section.  Here is a form to request this data.

Charge $50 per section (about 1 square mile) for all layers. Data is delivered by Google Drive or other cloud service as provided by the requestor.  In person, we can provide DVD or put it on your USB drive.
  • 2016 Aerial Photography
    • 3" color - countywide coverage
  • 2013 Aerial Photography
    • 6" color - countywide
  • 2009 Aerial Orthophotography
    • 6" color - countywide
  • 2005 Aerial Orthophotography
    • 6" color photography for Athens, 12" color photography for Limestone County
  • 2005 Planimetrics Microstation and AutoCAD formats
    • Includes 1999 contour data, 2' for Athens
  • 2009 LiDAR data
  • 2009 2' Contour data
    • AutoCAD (DWG), Microstation (DGN), and Personal Geodatabase (MDB) formats
  • 1999 Panimetric data
    • Athens is in Microstation (DGN), Limestone County is in DXF format
    • Athens 2' Contours

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