Fire Prevention Bureau

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The Athens Fire / Rescue Fire Prevention Bureau was established in 2002. The Fire Prevention Bureau was established for inspection, review, and enforcement of fire codes for new and existing buildings within the city. The Fire Prevention Bureau works daily to ensure that the buildings that we work, eat, and shop, etc. in are fire safe to best of their ability.


The Fire Prevention Bureau has 2 full-time inspectors. The Fire Prevention Chief / Fire Marshal and the Fire Prevention Captain / Fire Inspector. These 2 inspectors work closely with the building inspection department in conducting inspections on a daily basis throughout the city.

Inspections include the following and more:

  • Certificate of Occupancy Inspections
  • Commercial Kitchen Hood Suppression System Inspections and Tests
  • Fire Alarm Inspections and Tests
  • Fire Sprinkler Inspections and Tests
  • General Fire Inspections
  • Plans Reviews

General fire inspections are done on a walk-in basis. They are not pre-arranged, so the occupant does not know the fire inspector is coming. The fire prevention bureau also conducts site plan reviews and building/construction plan reviews for incoming business. These reviews ensure that these business will be safe for the citizens and meet the existing fire codes that are in place today.

Fire Code Requirements

Contractors, architects, builders, fire alarm/sprinkler companies etc. please visit our information page on general fire code requirements for projects in the City of Athens.

***Beginning December 15, 2022, Athens Bureau of Fire Prevention will require ALL third-party fire and life safety inspection reports to be uploaded to by the service provider***

Temporary vendors (i.e. food trucks/trailers, tents, etc.) please see the following documents for requirements for operating in the City of Athens.  

Athens Fire / Rescue Temporary Vendor Requirements (PDF)

Alabama LP Gas Board Vendor Requirements (PDF)

Programs for the Public

The fire prevention bureau also has many programs for the public as well.

  • We welcome tours and groups to our stations.
  • We visit the schools and present fire prevention programs to children.
  • We visit senior centers and present programs to the seniors of our city.
  • We present fire prevention programs and presentations for a variety of audiences.
  • We provide fire extinguisher training.

If would like to schedule a tour, fire prevention program, training, or have any questions please contact the main administrative office during normal business hours at 256-233-8710.