The Athens Street Department maintains all of Athens City
  • Right of Ways
  • Sidewalks
  • Streets
  • The Public Drainage System
  • Vector Control

Find the latest information on our street construction and closure information page.

Road Safety Issues

Report signs downed/damaged, traffic signals not working, or any other road safety issues 24/7 to the Athens Police Department Dispatch at 256-233-8700.

Right of Way Information

Temporary and permanent signs are not allowed in the Right-of-Way. Any signs placed in the Right-of-Way can be removed without notice. Placing of permanent signs and temporary signs requires Community Development Department approval. Permanent signs additionally require a permit from the Building Inspection Department. If you have a request for a public sign, please call this department.

Any and all work on City Right-of-Way requires notification of Street Department before work begins.

Right-of-Way - the land area that has the street and includes public improvements following the street. Public improvements such as the ditches, drainage pipes, sidewalks, and public utility poles that follow the street. A rule of thumb for finding the line between the Right-of-Way and private property is the back edge of public utilities poles or sidewalks. The most accurate way to determine Right-of-Way is to have a surveyor or civil engineer stake the Right-of-Way line.
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