Getting an Alcohol License

To get a license to sell alcoholic drinks in Athens, follow these steps.
  1. Download the Alcohol Beverage License Zoning Form (PDF) (or go by City Hall and request a copy) and return the form to Lisa Brooks, City Clerk's Office.
  2. If approved by the City Planner, the applicant will get the alcohol application from the Lisa Brooks and she will review the application with the applicant. Requirements such as: 1) a $10,000 alcohol tax bond, 2) certificate of occupancy, 3) Responsible Vendor training, 4) public hearing, 5) background check, and 6) appointment with the ABC Board in Huntsville, etc., must be completed before the licensing can be completed. From start to finish, the total alcohol process typically takes approximately six weeks.
    • Costs include: 1) a $300 one-time application fee, 2) $125 public hearing publication fee, 3) $25 per owner background check at the Alabama Bureau of Investigation, 4) annual licensing fee from $50 to $1,500 depending what type of alcohol is involved 5) building inspection fee of $50 with the Building Inspection Department.
    • The ABC Board in Huntsville also has a licensing process that must be completed. They have licensing costs and their number is 256-726-0401 for information.
  3. For more specific information, please contact Lisa Brooks, City Clerk's Office at 256-262-1397.