Careers at AFR

​Are You Interested in a career in the Fire Service?

The fire service is a challenging yet rewarding career providing services to our citizens 24 hours a day, 365 days a year! If you are hard working, motivated, and team oriented then you could be just what we are looking for!

​Application Requirements

Persons interested in becoming a firefighter must meet the following minimum application requirements.
1. Be a resident in the State of Alabama.
2. Possess a valid Alabama driver license and a good driving record.  
3.Have passed, at the time of application, the Candidate Physical Ability Test (CPAT) and submit a valid certificate with complete application. 

The CPAT consist of 8 events that have to be completed in 10 minutes 20 seconds. The events are listed below. 
 1. Stair Climb
 2. Hose Drag 
 3. Equipment Carry
 4. Ladder Raise and Extension 
 5. Forcible Entry 
 6. Search
 7. Rescue 
 8. Ceiling Breach & Pull

For more information on the CPAT , please visit the Alabama Fire College CPAT Information page. This page explains all the events and provides locations that offer the test. 

​Fire Academy 

New firefighters are required to graduate from the Alabama Fire College Recruit School. New firefighters hired by the City of Athens are usually sent to the the Muscle Shoals Regional Training Center, part of the Alabama Fire College, for Recruit School. A different location for Recruit School may be needed depending on circumstances. During Recruit School one will be taught all the aspects of firefighting as well as EMT. Failure to complete Recruit School, dismissal from Recruit School, or failure to pass the National Registry Exam for EMT may result in a breach of ones employment agreement with the city.  

Persons who have already completed Recruit School and hold the certifications, whether currently employed or self sponsored, will not be required to attend again. Please submit all certificates with your application packet.

Application Process

Applications for firefighter will be accepted when a position becomes available. Upon position availability, a Job Announcement will be posted by Human Resources. All completed applications(must include CPAT form and any certifications) shall be submitted by the closing date on the announcement to be considered. Potential candidates will then be contacted when the hiring process begins. For a current list of employment opportunities throughout the City of Athens and instructions regarding the application process, visit our Job Openings page.