Athens is a great place to run a business or industry. We are centrally located in North Alabama which makes us an easy drive for a large population of potential customers or employees.


  • 2,290 firms are located in Athens and of that amount, 20.9% are women owned.
  • Historic Downtown Athens employs 650 workers, not including City Hall employees.
  • Median household income is $53,165.
  • Population growth is 25.1 percent since 2010.


  • Athens is located approximately 100 miles between Birmingham and Nashville.
  • The city has 3 exits on Interstate 65, making it easy to reach these metropolitan areas and Huntsville.
  • The city also has rail service and is in close proximity to the Elk and Tennessee rivers, Pryor Field Regional Airport and Huntsville International Airport.
  • Alabama Department of Transportation figures show daily traffic counts for U.S. 72 in Athens at 34,450; Interstate 65 in Athens at 28,299; and Downtown Athens at nearly 10,000.
  • Average worker's commute time is 22 minutes.