Athens Utilities Customer Accounts


Athens Utilities will open a new payment location on U.S. 72 on May 8.

The office will be at 1003 U.S. 72 East in the corner lot of the shopping center where Firehouse Subs and Dollar Tree are located. The shopping center is next to Walmart.

Customer Accounts Manager Regina Rager said all payments will be made at this location. Customers can walk-in to make payments or utilize the drive-thru bays.

The Jefferson Street location will remain open for customers who need new services or who need to change their address.

The kiosk will remain open at the Jefferson Street location for now. AU has ordered a new one for the U.S. 72 location, but it has not arrived and been installed yet.


Office responsibilities are:

  • Signing up new customers
  • Preparing and sending utility bills
  • Making changes to utility accounts
  • Reading meters
  • Disconnecting customers
  • Taking utility payments 
  • Processing utility payments
  • Athens Utilities Customer Accounts office for new services, change of address, etc. is located at 508 South Jefferson Street in Athens.
  • Athens Utilities Customer Accounts payment office will be at 1003 U.S. 72 East (STARTING MAY 8, 2023).

Information on utility bills and payment options

Graphic of person paying a bill

Payment and Bill Information

  • Customers may get more than one bill. Some get it by mail and emails, and reminders may go out before payment is received.
  • Some months may have 28 billing days, while some may have up to 32 billing days. This is based on when meter readers read the meter. The number of billing days is reflected on the bill. The bills with more billing days will be higher.
  • Pay by mail by using the return envelope that is included with the bill. Include the payment portion of your bill. You must use a stamp. Please mail in a timely manner to ensure it is received by the due date.
  • With bank draft, the bill amount comes out of the customer's account the day before the bill is due. There is no fee for this service. Athens Utilities does not have bank account access. Bank draft only authorizes payment of the monthly utility bill. Link to form
  • Bills can be paid online. The vendor that provides this service does charge a $4.50 fee. That fee goes to the vendor. Athens Utilities does not receive this fee. Customer will need account information. This method can be set up for reoccurring payments, or used as a one-time payment. Link to pay online
  • Pay by phone by calling 1-855-760-0921. Customer will need account information. The vendor that provides this service does charge a $5.25 fee. That fee goes to the vendor. Athens Utilities does not receive this fee.
  • Pay in person at the Customer Accounts Payment Center at 1003 U.S. 72 East. Customer will need current bill. Office hours are Monday-Friday from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Offices will be closed on designated City holidays.
  • There is an outside kiosk for after-hours payment at the Customer Accounts Office at 508 S. Jefferson Street. This will remain open until a kiosk is installed at the U.S. 72 office. Customer will need account and current billing information to use the kiosk.
  • Pay at Citizens Bank in Elkmont and First National Bank in Ardmore. Customer will need to have current bill. Payments must be cash or check.
scam alert graphic

Avoid falling victim to scammers calling about a utility bill

Athens Utilities periodically receives calls from customers reporting someone is calling them pretending to be Athens Utilities and asking for their credit card information to pay their utility bill. 

If you receive a call, do not provide your personal information. If you ever receive a call regarding your utility bill, you can hang up and call Athens Utilities directly at 256-233-8750.

If you give your personal information during one of these calls, please contact Athens Utilities at the above number and Athens Police at 256-233-8700.