Athens Fireworks Show


**It shall be unlawful for any person within the corporate limits of the city to cause to explode, buy, sell, keep, have in possession, store, trade, or give away any firecrackers, fireworks, pyrotechnics or any other article, item, or device in the nature of fireworks. (Ord. No. 2007-1658, § 2, 11-5-2007)

1. It is prohibited to have or use fireworks in the City of Athens unless a legal permit is obtained. A permit is ONLY valid for public display events where professional licensed and trained pyrotechnic shooters are present.

2. ALL public display events must be submitted for approval through the Alabama State Fire Marshals Office.

3. ALL public display events must be submitted a minimum of 10 days prior to the event date.

4. Consumer fireworks SHALL NOT be used at any type of event where the public is in attendance without a licensed shooter.

5. If consumer fireworks are used unlawfully within the City of Athens, the user/shooter assumes ALL responsibilities, liabilities, and penalties associated with their use.