We are excited to offer childcare to our guests with a fitness membership! Please review childcare hours, and childcare rules shown below.

 Childcare is upstairs in Meeting Room 215


Childcare Hours:

                                   Max of 2 hours

Monday - Friday                          Saturday

8:00AM - 1:00PM                                8:00AM - 12:00PM
3:30PM - 7:30PM




Activity Room Amenities:

  • Books
  • Toys
  • Tablets
  • Video games
  • Loungers
We will also have a fully stocked first-aide kit, as well as cleaning and sanitizing supplies.



Sign In/ Sign Out

Please sign your child in upon arrival and out before leaving. The same person who signs your child in must sign them out. 

Age Limits

Child Care is for children ages 1 year to 11 years old.

No Germs, Please

If a child appears ill they will not be admitted into Child Care. You will be asked to let a Child Care worker know if your child is allergic to anything. Please label all belongings, diaper bags, and bottles with a permanent marker. Children are not allowed to bring toys from home. No food, gum, or candy is allowed in Child Care.  Water is allowed but no sugar drinks. 

Potty Time

Children must be fully dressed at all times, including tennis shoes. Staff cannot assist children in the bathroom or with potty training.

Don’t Disappear

There is a two hour limit for the use of the Child Care facility. Parents must be on the premises at all times while children are in Child Care. Parents must notify staff of their location in the Rec Center in the designated spot on the sign in sheet.


No Violence Allowed

Children will be sent home for the following: foul and inappropriate language, fighting, inappropriate conduct, or any behavior that can be deemed disruptive by Athens Recreation Center Staff.

Athens Recreation Center reserves the right to make changes to rules and regulations as deemed necessary.