Food Trucks/Trailers

Food trucks/trailers that are operated in the city of Athens must be inspected before they can serve to the public. A Food truck inspection is conducted by the Fire Prevention Office and the Athens Building Department. A food truck may not operate until this inspection is complete and the food truck unit is said to have passed. Once the unit has passed, a sticker will be issued to be displayed to show the food truck unit has passed inspection in Athens. This does not mean the owner does not need inspections in other jurisdictions/cities to operate. The sticker is only good for Athens. The owner is also responsible for any business license they need to operate in Athens. They would need to contact the Athens City Clerk's office for that and other information regarding when and where food trucks are allowed to set up. 

All inspections of food trucks/trailers are conducted in the rear parking lot of city hall. To schedule an inspection, contact the building department at 256-233-8715 or visit their office inside city hall and complete the inspection request form. There is a $75 inspection fee that is required. 

A link to the inspection form is located below. Please review the form for what is required and what will be looked for during an inspection. A truck that is selling pre-packed frozen items such as ice, ice cream, meats, etc. does not require an inspection. If there are any questions regarding food trucks, please contact this office using the information on this page. 

Food Truck Inspection Form