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Subdivision Acceptance Form

  1. Subdivision Acceptance Form
    Prior to the final signature of all Final Plats and acceptance of subdivisions within the City of Athens corporate limits the following items are required by the City Engineer's office before their signature can be released and recorded. Please see the following items below and submit all the required information:
  2. Provide the subdivision name and phase as presented before the planning commission.
  3. Final Inspection
  4. Provide the final punch list items in a formatted letter indicating that all items are complete. If not a Performance bond with the approval of the City Engineer shall be completed and submitted to their office for review.
  5. Punch List Items Complete
  6. Request a letter of acceptance from the Water & Sanitary Department. Development impact fees will be required to be paid and supporting documentation that will include all testing, TVI, Location of services (Approved through GIS specifications), and As-builts that meet the department's standards.
  7. A provided example can be seen under Regulations and Information for Engineering and Community Development.
  8. A digital copy, with provided surveyor's file of NEZ information with point label descriptions within the DWG file format and the date of the survey. A hard copy will need to be delivered to Engineering and Community Development.
  9. Traffic Signs in Place
  10. Attach a filed copy of the HOA covenants.

  11. Planning recommend for Acceptance
  12. These letters should be official copies of credit for maintenance, sidewalk, and performance bonds. The official documents shall be mailed or delivered before final acceptance.
  13. Documents in the section, if applicable, refer to detention facility agreements, special easements, etc.
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