Gas Department


The Athens Gas Department provides Natural Gas to the City of Athens and parts of Limestone County including Elkmont and Ardmore. Natural gas has long been the favorite with homeowners. 

It's clean...

Natural gas is the cleanest of all fossil fuels and is simply the best energy choice for the environment — inside and outside your home. 

It's domestic...

99% of the gas we use comes from North America — 84% from the U.S.* Increased use of natural gas can reduce our dependence on oil imported from the Middle East.

It's economical...

Natural gas appliances are virtually maintenance-free and that means additional savings.

It's efficient...

When the entire cycle of producing, processing, transporting and using energy is considered, natural gas is delivered to you with a "total energy efficiency" of about 90%. Moreover, gas appliances and equipment are extremely efficient.

It's multi-purpose...

It can heat your entire home, make your hot water, dry your clothes and help you cook your meals — in the oven or on the barbecue grill. New residential uses range from fireplaces and air conditioners to microturbines and fuel cells.

It's dependable...

You never have to worry about weather, delivery schedules or running out

Benefits of Natural Gas

Natural gas is the clean and economical energy chosen by thousands of home owners in Athens, Alabama. Reliable, instant, and responsive. Natural gas — the obvious choice for water heating, cooking, and space heating in your home.
  • Never run out of hot water again! Continuous hot water 24 hours a day
  • Only pay for the gas you use, when you need it
  • Program the temperature automatically- no heating water and mixing with cold to get the proper temperature
  • Spa and Pools heat in half the time using gas
  • Safe- All natural gas appliances include built-in safety features that ensure temperatures are limited to safe levels
  • Cooking- Rapid response and total temperature control, gas ranges and gas ovens.

Advantages of Gas Fireplaces

  • Gas is cleaner, with no messy ashed to sweep
  • Gas is easier.  Few people want to spend time and energy to cut and stack logs
  • Gas appliances can be installed in any room
  • Direct-Vent units seal the burner and combustion firebox eliminating indoor air quality problems
  • Gas products look and sound like real wood
  • Many are up to 90% efficient.